Family Shares Emotional Reunion with Maisie the Missing Cat

The supposed enjoyable vacation took a turn for the worse when a family's partially blind Siamese cat, Maisie, went missing in Los Angeles during a rainstorm. The family had to abruptly end their plans and return home immediately after receiving a call from the pet sitter, as there were potential dangers such as coyotes and heavy traffic in the area. Maisie had never been outside on her own before. The entire range of emotions experienced during the search and reunion was captured on camera by comedian Zane Lamprey, who was filming with his wife Mel Lamprey, a well-known rescuer. Zane, a passionate cat lover, even offers kittens to attendees at his upcoming shows. All they have to do is adopt a kitten, puppy, or senior pet from a local shelter and attend his show to enjoy his stand-up as well as local craft beer. He believes that the best part is going home to a pet that loves you unconditionally. While on their way to Lake Tahoe, the family made a stop to drop off a rescued kitten named Frankie at her new home. However, their plans for snow activities and skiing were interrupted when they received a distressing call from the pet sitter. Maisie had been missing for over 24 hours before they were informed, causing immense worry for the family. Mel explained that Maisie had limited sight and had never spent any time outdoors before. Moreover, the rain during that time was unfamiliar to her. The family quickly drove back home at 4 a.m. and discovered that Maisie had escaped through a loose screen on the roof. They found marks on the metal roof, indicating that she had slid down to the ground. However, she didn't respond to their calls. The family knew that the best way to search for a lost cat was to reach out to neighbors through social media and in person. They met many helpful and friendly individuals who were willing to assist. In the hopes that Maisie was nearby, the family slept outside and left treats in the area. Unfortunately, Maisie didn't show up, but a cute squirrel enjoyed the treats instead. After three to four days, the family realized Maisie might have ventured outside the immediate area, so they did everything possible to find her.

Zane and his family went door-to-door, walking miles and searching even in crawlspaces where Maisie might have hidden. In one instance, they left her favorite food and a familiar cat tent in a location where she had been spotted. However, their efforts remained unsuccessful. After four dreadful days, there was finally a breakthrough. Construction workers building a nearby house noticed Maisie and took immediate action, cornering her under a house. They retrieved information from a flyer and called Mel and Zane. The couple rushed to the scene, unsure if it would be another false lead. To their surprise and overwhelming joy, it was indeed Maisie. Mel described the flood of emotions that overcame her as she saw her beloved cat under the crawlspace. She screamed, fell to the ground, and cried tears of relief. Maisie was terrified, wet, and dirty, but unharmed. After about 15 minutes, Mel managed to coax Maisie out, and she handed her to Zane. They ran home, crying tears of gratitude, and checked Maisie over. They couldn't express their immense relief and joy enough. Maisie is now back home where she belongs, giving her family plenty to meow and purr about. Follow Mel Lamprey and Zane Lamprey on social media to stay updated on their journey. You can also watch Zane Lamprey's video to see the whole story, with Maisie's story beginning at 8:35.

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