Hagrid the Cat Looks Intimidating But is the Chillest Gentle Giant

Hagrid, also known as "Haggy Bear," is a large, fluffy, black cat with snaggletooth. He is a perfect example of why adopting an adult cat from a rescue or shelter is a great idea. Hagrid and a group of other cats were rescued over six years ago from a rural shelter in Maryland by rescuers from Washington, D.C. Hagrid had been waiting for a home for two years. At first, it seemed like Hagrid wouldn't get the chance to be brought home because another fosterer planned to rescue him. However, they changed their minds, fearing that Hagrid's size would intimidate their resident cat. But despite his appearance, Hagrid turned out to be the chillest, sweetest, and friendliest cat ever. Hagrid quickly became the ideal cat for any foster home, endearing himself to the resident cats Pokey and Dora at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens in just two weeks. One day, Dora cozied up to Hagrid and asked for snuggles, something she hadn't done with any other cat since their last cat had passed away. That's when the rescuers knew they had to adopt him. Hagrid also proved to be a great foster dad to the kittens at the shelter. By having adult cats like Hagrid around, the kittens would learn how to behave like cats and understand important boundaries. This made their transition to their adopted homes much easier. When the rescuers met Hagrid, they could immediately sense his sweet personality and had a good idea of how he would behave at home. With kittens, it's not always possible to predict their personalities as they are still developing. Additionally, adult cats in shelters may not show their usual friendly selves due to the stress of the unfamiliar environment. Adopting an adult cat ensures that their personality is already developed, and you know what you're getting. The rescuers decided that Hagrid would be the perfect foster dad and adopted him as a permanent part of the faculty at the shelter. They now celebrate a happy annual "Haggaversary" and are grateful to have this big teddy bear in their lives. Hagrid is adored by the foster kittens at the shelter, many of whom are blind pirate kitties. He has helped these kittens overcome difficulties, such as the feline herpes virus, and has helped them become more confident. You can see more of Hagrid and his adventures at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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