American Terror Tale: Casting Countdown and the Making of the Menacing Ensemble

The article discusses the auditions for the ninth season of the popular television show, American Horror Story (AHS), entitled "Delicate." It focuses on how the cast members were chosen for their respective roles.

Firstly, the article reveals that the audition process for AHS is different from other shows, as the creator, Ryan Murphy, does not require actors to read from the script. Instead, he asks them to come up with a character of their own and portray that character during the audition. This unique approach allows the actors to showcase their improvisation skills, making the auditions more challenging and exciting.

According to the article, the cast members who were selected for "Delicate" had to embody the essence of the 1980s slasher genre. The show's casting director, Alexa Fogel, explains that they were searching for dynamic actors who could bring authenticity and freshness to their roles. She states that it was important for them to find the right balance between an actor's familiarity and their ability to surprise the audience.

The article proceeds to outline the auditions and background stories of some of the cast members. Leslie Grossman, who portrays the character of Margaret Booth, had previously worked with Ryan Murphy and was specifically approached by him for the role. Her character is described as an ambitious and entrepreneurial woman whose life twists unexpectedly throughout the season.

Cody Fern, who plays the character of Xavier Plympton, auditioned for a different role but caught the attention of the casting directors who felt he would be perfect for Xavier. Fern's character is depicted as a struggling actor who moves to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams but becomes entangled in the horrors of "Delicate."

On the other hand, Billie Lourd, who portrays Montana Duke, underwent a traditional audition process. Lourd's character is described as a fierce and edgy woman with a love for aerobics. The casting directors were impressed by Lourd's ability to bring depth and vulnerability to her character.

Another actor, Gus Kenworthy, was chosen for the role of Chet Clancy based on his chemistry with his co-star Emma Roberts, who portrays Brooke Thompson. Kenworthy, being a professional skier turned actor, offered a unique energy to his character.

In conclusion, the article highlights the auditions for "American Horror Story: Delicate" and how the cast members were selected for their roles. It emphasizes the unique approach taken by Ryan Murphy during auditions and showcases how each cast member brought their individuality to the characters they portray. Through their auditions, the cast members successfully captured the essence of the 1980s slasher genre and added authenticity and freshness to the show.

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