Julia Roberts Discusses "Wonder" and Candidly Addresses "Heartbreaking" Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

In a recent interview on TODAY, actress Julia Roberts discussed her latest film "Wonder" and the disturbing issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Roberts stars in the film "Wonder," based on the best-selling novel by R.J. Palacio, which tells the story of a young boy with a facial deformity and his journey through school. The actress revealed that she was drawn to the project because it emphasizes the importance of kindness and acceptance. She believes that the film has the potential to inspire others to be more compassionate and understanding towards those who are different.

During the interview, Roberts also expressed her concern and sadness regarding the numerous sexual harassment stories that have emerged in the entertainment industry. She described these stories as "heartbreaking" and mentioned that it has been an ongoing problem in Hollywood.

Roberts emphasized the importance of standing up for oneself and having the courage to speak out against harassment. She believes that this issue should not be tolerated, and that the sharing of these stories is a necessary step towards creating change.

The actress also discussed the measures being taken to address this issue, including the establishment of a hotline for individuals in the industry to report instances of harassment. She expressed her hopes that these actions will create a safer and more respectful environment for everyone involved in the entertainment industry.

In addition to addressing the topic of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Roberts also talked about the positive experiences she had while working on "Wonder." She praised her young co-star, Jacob Tremblay, for his incredible talent and described him as a "gem of a human being." She also highlighted the positive message of the film, which teaches the importance of empathy and understanding.

Overall, Julia Roberts' interview on TODAY focused on her latest film "Wonder" and the concerning issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood. While she expressed her admiration for the film and its message, she also acknowledged the seriousness and significance of addressing sexual harassment in the industry. She encouraged individuals to speak out against such behavior and expressed optimism that the recent revelations will lead to meaningful change.

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