Julia Roberts Dishes on 'Mystic Pizza' during Candid TODAY Interview in 1988

In 1988, Julia Roberts sat down for an interview on TODAY to discuss her latest film, "Mystic Pizza." The article focuses on this particular interview and summarizes its content.

Julia Roberts, at the time a rising star, had recently gained attention for her role in the movie "Pretty Woman." However, the interview on TODAY was centered around her earlier film, "Mystic Pizza," which had been released the previous year.

"Mystic Pizza" is a romantic comedy-drama that follows the lives of three young waitresses working at a pizza parlor in a small town in Connecticut. Julia Roberts played one of the main characters, Daisy, a headstrong and ambitious young woman. The film was a critical success and helped establish Roberts as a talented actress.

During the interview, Roberts reflected on her experience working on "Mystic Pizza" and the impact the film had on her career. She expressed her gratitude for being part of such a wonderful project and the positive feedback she received for her performance.

Roberts also discussed her character, Daisy, and how she connected with her on a personal level. She emphasized the importance of portraying relatable characters that audiences could connect with and root for. Roberts admitted that she saw a lot of herself in Daisy and appreciated the opportunity to bring her to life on screen.

The interview also touched on Roberts' rapid rise to fame and the challenges that came along with it. She acknowledged that the sudden fame had been overwhelming at times but expressed her determination to stay grounded and focused on her work.

Roberts also discussed her aspirations as an actress and the types of roles she hoped to pursue in the future. She mentioned her desire to explore different genres and take on more complex and challenging characters.

The article concludes by noting that Roberts' appearance on TODAY was a testament to her growing prominence in Hollywood and her ability to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma. It highlights the significance of "Mystic Pizza" in launching Roberts' career and foreshadows the successful path she would follow in the years to come.

In summary, this article focuses on Julia Roberts' interview on TODAY in 1988, where she discussed her film "Mystic Pizza." The interview covered her experience working on the movie, her connection with her character Daisy, the challenges of her newfound fame, her aspirations as an actress, and the significance of "Mystic Pizza" in her career.

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