Cat Falls Madly In Love With A Little Cardboard Cutout Of Danny DeVito

This is Quincy.  He's a sweet, snuggly cat who knows what he likes.  What Quincy likes — nay, loves — is a little cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito. And he's not afraid to show it.

A while back, Quincy's owner, Twitter user radtoria, purchased the Danny DeVito cutout as a gag gift for her boyfriend. Under lockdown, she thought people passing by their house might get a chuckle from seeing it, too. But somewhere along the line, a certain someone became extra smitten.

"I started putting it in the window to spice up our neighbors' walks. Then I'd take it down at night to close the blinds," radtoria told The Dodo. "Time and time again, I'd wake up to find Quincy snuggling with it." Now, pretty much every time Quincy settles in for a nap, it's with Danny DeVito's little cardboard likeness.