FamiIy сan’t gеt baск tо CaIifоrnia hоmе tо saνе thеir dоg – rеturn оnе mоnth Iatеr and сan’t bеIiеνе whо’s waiting!

A family was unable to return home due to the Camp Fire in California and worried for their dog, Madison. Four weeks later, when they returned, they couldn't believe that Madison was waiting for them, having stayed behind to protect his home and refusing to give up on his people.

Animal hero Shayla Sullivan had been looking after Madison and ensuring that he had food and water until his owners could return. The reunion was emotional for Madison's owner, Andrea Gaylord, who praised the loyalty of her dog. Contractors were asked to build a new house for Madison to watch over. Madison's actions showed his loyalty and the importance of animal heroes.