Expressive Cat Does NOT Want To Share His Dinner With An Opossum

Cats are known for their independent and territorial nature, making them less inclined to share their food with other animals. This includes both fellow feline companions and even dogs. However, there are rare instances where cats find themselves faced with an unexpected dinner guest - in this case, a possum!

One Imgur user, MrRogers247, encountered this very situation when a possum decided to pay a visit one night. The photographs of the encounter perfectly capture the dilemma faced by the confused and hungry cat, who clearly does not appreciate having to share its dinner bowl.

The cat initially attempts to communicate with the possum, trying to assert its ownership of the food. It politely says, "Excuse me, that's actually MY dinner," but the possum fails to understand the message. Desperate for assistance, the cat looks towards its human companion as if to say, "Umm, a little help, please?"

Unfortunately, the human does not intervene, leaving the cat to take matters into its own paws. Frustrated by the situation, the hungry feline decides to share its dinner with the possum. However, it soon becomes apparent that possums can be just as aggressive when it comes to food. A single menacing look from the possum is enough for the cat to surrender, saying, "Ok, ok, ok, sorry, enjoy."

The defeated expression on the cat's face says it all, as it realizes that it has lost the battle for its dinner. Hopefully, the cat was eventually taken inside, comforted, and given a fresh meal all to itself. This particular encounter between a cat and possum is not unique, as possums are often found making themselves at home in backyards and quiet corners.

Social media is filled with similar accounts of cat and possum interactions. From cats attempting to share opossums' meals to possums riding on the backs of cats, these creatures seem to have an unspoken connection. Cats may not want to share their food with possums, but their shared ability to hiss suggests a certain bond between them.

In conclusion, the story of the cat and possum encounter highlights the innate territorial nature of cats and their reluctance to share food. The photographs beautifully capture the emotions and interactions between the two animals, showcasing the cat's attempts to assert its ownership and the possum's determination to enjoy a free meal. Though this encounter may not have ended favorably for the cat, it serves as a delightful reminder of the unpredictable nature of wildlife interactions in our own backyards.

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