Cat Accepts Help from Kind Folks and Finally Moves Indoors, within a Few Days She Has Kittens in Their Room

A pregnant cat named Calla Lilly was discovered roaming around a cat colony by Mary Chromek from Foster Purrs. She initially evaded rescue attempts but was eventually taken in by Mary with the help of someone who had been feeding her. Calla Lilly was thrilled to finally be indoors and gave birth to seven healthy kittens within days. Despite being a great mom, this will be her last litter, as she can finally enjoy her life after having back-to-back litters since she was old enough to reproduce. The kittens are thriving, and the runt of the litter, Amaryllis, is getting supplemental feedings to catch up with her siblings. With Mary's loving care and support, these kittens will never have to spend a day on the street, and Calla Lilly can live the life she's always deserved.

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