The Kitten Approaches The Woman In Her Yard And Insists On Standing Next To Her

In San Jose, California, a family discovered a hissy and visibly wild kitten in their yard. Realizing the small tabby had an eye infection, they promptly sought emergency medical assistance.

Fortunately, their children were the founders of Mini Cat Town, a local cat sanctuary, so arrangements were made to bring the distressed feline there. Upon seeing the scared kitten, their mother immediately provided comfort by placing it in a cozy environment with toys and a soft blanket. By the time they reached home, the kitten had already been named Lucky.

It took about a week for Lucky to adjust to her new surroundings. Whenever approached, she would hiss, indicating her fear and discomfort. To help her feel more at ease, soft toys were introduced in her space. The sanctuary staff treated her severe eye infection, trying different medications until they found one that worked effectively.

The process of socializing Lucky involved gentle interactions and communication. The staff brushed her fur with a toothbrush and spoke to her soothingly. Over time, Lucky gradually became more sociable, friendly, and began to purr when petted. However, she still exhibited some hissing if approached too quickly.

Interestingly, even the neighborhood dog played a role in helping Lucky overcome her fears. The dog allowed Lucky to nestle into its fur, providing a sense of security and comfort. Soon enough, Lucky's hissing stopped completely, and her playful and kitten-like behavior emerged.

A loving family came forward for Lucky's adoption. They had a virtual meeting with the sanctuary, introducing Lucky to their resident cats and giving a tour of their home where she would be living. It was clear that Lucky would be joining a wonderful family consisting of parents, two human sisters, and three feline siblings.

Now, Lucky is living the life she deserves, thanks to her fortunate name and her growing confidence. She has found happiness and security in her new home, surrounded by caring individuals and fellow furry companions. The sanctuary staff and Lucky's foster mother will miss her dearly, but they take solace in knowing that she has found a loving forever home.

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