7 Ways Dachshunds Are The Most Adorable Things Alive

It's real, it's true… it's Dachshunds love. Here are 7 reasons we're downright obsessed with the most adorable puppies on the planet.

1. Because they're easy to entertain

No need for toys, your toes will do just fine.

2. Because of that tongue

Any other animal licking its own snout would be a tad bit disgusting… but a Dachshund puppy? Totally adorable.

3. Because they love to play

Whether it's with each other or with a human, Dachshunds love their playtime.

4. Because they never give up

They keep trying and trying and trying, regardless of how many times their little bodies fail them.

5. Because of those eyes Dachshund

Did you catch that wink? Instant heart melt.

6. Because they'll entertain you for hours Dachshund sleeping

I mean, really, look at those legs.

7. Because even Dachshund understand your obsession with them"Awe, 100 percent Dachshund cotton."

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