Luke Bryan Has a Great Baby Gift Idea for Katy Perry, Who Is 'Pretty Close' to Delivering

Luke Bryan, the country star and American Idol judge, is excitedly brainstorming baby gift ideas for his fellow Idol cohort, Katy Perry, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Bryan recently had a phone call with Perry, during which she shared the exact due date, allowing him to plan accordingly. In addition to finding the perfect gift for the baby girl, Bryan also intends to offer emotional and spiritual support to both Perry and Bloom.

Bryan, who already shares a close bond with Perry, is eager to be there for the couple and their new addition. Perry is due to give birth this month, and Bryan wants to ensure that he is prepared. He recently reached out to Perry via text, asking for the due date so that he could start thinking about the couple and saying prayers for them. Bryan received the information he needed and reveals that Perry is getting closer and closer to her due date.

As for the gift itself, Bryan has come up with a unique idea that perfectly aligns with his country style and Perry's love for vivid colors. He plans to send the baby girl a little pink BB gun, combining his cowboy appeal with a touch of pink camo. Bryan jokingly refers to it as an "old country boy version" of a baby girl gift. Bryan and Perry have developed a close friendship during their time on American Idol, along with fellow judge Lionel Richie. They have enjoyed such great chemistry and fun together that all three plan to return for the next season, pending negotiations.

Bryan emphasizes how natural and real their bond is and expresses his excitement about being back at the judges' table. In addition to preparing for the arrival of Perry's baby, Bryan is also getting ready for the release of his upcoming seventh studio album, "Born Here Live Here Die Here," which will be available this Friday. He has already shared several songs from the album, including "One Margarita," "Knockin' Boots," and "What She Wants Tonight." While Bryan eagerly anticipates the arrival of Perry's baby and the release of his new album, he also finds time for some lighthearted fun. He recently revealed that he and his wife engage in playful prank wars, although they can sometimes get dangerous.

Bryan enjoys keeping the laughter alive in his personal life, just as he does in his music career. Overall, Luke Bryan is excited about the upcoming arrival of Katy Perry's baby and is diligently preparing a special gift. He also looks forward to continuing his judging duties on American Idol with Perry and Richie and is eagerly awaiting the release of his new album.

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