Luke Bryan Defends Katy Perry from 'American Idol' Backlash: She 'Gets Picked On'

Luke Bryan has come to the defense of his fellow American Idol judge, Katy Perry, following backlash she received for her comments to contestants during the most recent season of the show. In an interview with Fox News, Bryan praised Perry and stated that she is accustomed to dealing with negative attention throughout her career. He acknowledged that as judges, they are put in a difficult position of being critical of contestants that viewers adore. Bryan emphasized that he and Perry, along with fellow judge Lionel Richie, always strive to do their best.

The controversy surrounding Perry began during auditions when she made a comment about contestant Sara Beth Liebe, suggesting she had been "laying on the table too much." Perry was accused of "mom-shaming" and Liebe later quit the competition. However, Liebe later expressed gratitude towards the show and Perry, implying that they were on good terms. Perry also faced criticism for telling contestant Nutsa Buzaladze to wear less glitter on stage and for not providing feedback to contestant Wé Ani.

Despite the backlash, Bryan defended Perry, stating that she should not be criticized for simply trying to have fun on the TV show. Bryan acknowledged that the treatment Perry receives from fans is unwarranted and expressed his appreciation for her ability to handle scrutiny throughout her career. Despite the challenges they face as judges, Bryan stated that walking away from American Idol would be difficult as they feel they are doing great work together. He expressed his commitment to remaining a judge as long as the overall atmosphere of the show is positive. Perry received further support from season 21 contestant Oliver Steele, who denied bullying claims against her.

Steele credited Perry with helping him overcome personal struggles and pushing him to believe in his potential as an artist. He expressed gratitude for her guidance and stated that he became a better musician because of her. In conclusion, Luke Bryan defended Katy Perry against the backlash she received for her comments as an American Idol judge. He praised her ability to handle negative attention and emphasized that they, along with Lionel Richie, strive to do the best they can as judges. Despite the controversies, Bryan expressed his appreciation for the show and stated that he will continue to be a judge as long as the positive vibe persists. Perry also received support from contestant Oliver Steele, who credited her with helping him grow as an artist.

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