Maui Kitten Walked Through Fire and Straight into Rescuer's Heart

Nigel the kitten, in his brightly colored bandages, became a ray of hope in Maui. The tiny kitten somehow survived devastating fires in Lahaina. Then, a First Responder spotted him and carried him to the Maui Humane Society. On the way, they fell in love with the tiny survivor.

Nigel walked through burning debris, and all four of his paws were scorched. That’s why he needed to wear bandages and receive high-tech treatments for many weeks. Everyone fell in love with the cute tabby in his green, pink, and yellow leggings and soft flower cone collar.

Nigel Walks Through Fire and Melted Hearts

At the Maui Humane Society, Nigel received ongoing treatment for his burns, each time requiring sedation because he was in such pain. His foster mom Tiffaney gave him his name and carried him back to the shelter for weekly treatments, which included laser treatment, medicated burn creams, and more fresh, colorful bandages.

After over a month of treatment, Nigel was finally ready to graduate to life without the bandages at last! He met new furry friends in his foster home and had lots of love to speed up the recovery process.

That’s right, the First Responder who found him decided to adopt him into their Ohana or family! 

Nigel Finds His Ohana Family

After the bandages came off, Nigel was ready for surgery and then off to his furever home.

Rescued Fire Cats Just Want to Play and Give Love

You can see that even though Nigel and his fellow ire cat rescues,  (perseverance), had to wear bandages and cones, they just wanted to play and give love anyway. Such is the resilient and ameowzing feline spirit!

Thank you to all those who are helping the Maui Fire Cats and other animals on the long road to recovery.

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