Amazon Driver Delivers Cat To Safety After She Was Tossed From Car Window |

An Amazon delivery driver in Des Moines, Iowa, has become a hero for a little black cat who was thrown out of a moving car. The driver witnessed the cruel act at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and 46th Street and immediately pulled over to help. The kitten ran into the driver's arms, seeking safety. The driver then took the cat to Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes in West Des Moines, where the store owner, Lori Sandahl, eagerly welcomed her.

It is hard to believe that someone could be so heartless as to throw a defenseless animal out of a car. Unfortunately, some people do not offer cats the care and respect they deserve. However, this young black cat was fortunate enough to survive such cruelty and now has a second chance at finding a forever home where she will be loved and cared for. As soon as the Amazon driver handed her over to Lori, the kitten began purring with gratitude.

Lori told KCCI Des Moines 8, "She's just full of life, purring from the moment she came in the front door." It was evident that the cat knew she was in a safe place.

A checkup at the vet revealed that the kitten was healthy and had no injuries from being thrown into traffic. Despite her traumatic experience, she had a good appetite and couldn't stop purring. She was also already housetrained and used a litter box with no problems. Despite everything she had been through, she remained a loving and cuddly cat.

Lori noted, "She has been handled a lot, obviously. The way she is loving on me, rubbing on me, there is no aggression or anything."

During an interview with Lori, the kitten showed her affectionate nature by cuddling and making eyes at the camera. It was clear that she had a knack for charming everyone around her.

Once the kitten has had some downtime and relaxation, she will be available for adoption. Lori believes she will quickly find her forever home because of her readiness for lap time and cuddles.

Thanks to the quick thinking and kindness of the anonymous Amazon delivery driver, this sweet little cat survived a terrible ordeal. She has been given a second chance at happiness after being callously thrown away.

The story of this rescued cat serves as a reminder to treat animals with care and respect. It is a heartwarming example of the positive impact that individuals can have when they take action to help those in need.

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