Trail Camera Captures 'Sexy Bear' Dancing as Animal Scratches Its Back Against a Tree — Watch!

One wildlife enthusiast caught quite a show in the forest.

Tom McClelland recently set up a in a wooded area in Johnson, Ontario. To his surprise, the camera captured footage of a large black bear busting some rather unexpected moves, according to Storyful.

In the video, the animal is standing on its hind legs and sliding up and down against the side of a tree with its front legs raised above its head. The bear is likely just trying to scratch its back on the bark — but the animal's movements look more like dancing.

McClelland had his own idea about what kind of dancing the bear was mimicking, posting the trail camera video on with the caption, "Sexy black bear working the stripper pole," adding the hashtags #burlesque and #poledancer.

He told Storyful he regularly films wildlife activity and has had "tons of trail camera success" — but the sultry dance session is a first.

In a similar story earlier this year, Colorado park rangers found a funny surprise when they checked the footage on one of the camera traps installed in Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) — hundreds of selfies from a curious, camera-loving bear.

"Recently, a bear discovered a wildlife camera that we use to monitor wildlife across Boulder's OSMP. Of the 580 photos captured, about 400 were bear selfies," OSMP wrote in the study it put together using the data from the camera traps, per SWNS.

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Other bears have made headlines recently for their hilarious hijinks. Last month, a hungry mother and her cub in Alaska satisfied their sweet tooth by after finding the vehicle with its doors open at a military base in Anchorage. The driver was inside a convenience store at the time.

The animals reportedly ate packages of donut holes and pastries while the driver attempted to shoo them out of the van by banging on the outside. The driver captured photos of the furry thieves, which Krispy Kreme Alaska later shared on its  page.

"This morning, our Krispy Kreme Alaska Delivery van had some unexpected visitors — a family of black bears couldn't resist the sweet temptation of Krispy Kreme Donuts!" the post said.

"One of our brave delivery drivers managed to capture this incredible moment on camera. It's a reminder that our donuts are loved by everyone, even the wildlife!"

Earlier this month, a Connecticut homeowner had her own visit from a hungry bear. Helena Richardson's Ring security camera captured the bear breaking through a screen door and entering her home.

After some exploring, the animal made its way to the kitchen, where it managed to pull open the freezer drawer and pilfer a frozen lasagna. With the meal in hand, the resourceful bear vaulted itself onto the top of the freezer and escaped through an open window.

Richardson was at work while the intrusion was underway, watching the bear's shenanigans in real time after receiving a Ring notification.

"I knew no one was supposed to be at home at that time. So I checked, and it was the bear," she told . "You can see him going from room to room, as comfortable as I am in my house."

"It's very hard to believe," she added. "My mom made me some lasagna. I left it in the freezer, and the bear just, you know, took it."

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