Cat Picked Up as a Stray Immediately Wants Affection and Even Starts Helping Other Cats!

This is a heartwarming story about a cat named Arlo who was picked up as a stray and quickly won the hearts of his foster family. Despite being six years old, Arlo was incredibly friendly and loved attention from people. However, he also had an underlying condition called diabetes insipidus which made him constantly thirsty, likely leading to his abandonment. But with the help of Best Friends Felines, Arlo found a palliative foster home where he received lifetime care. He quickly took on the role of a mentor for three foster kittens, teaching them how to play like a big kitty and watching them grow and graduate from foster care. Over time, Arlo has helped care for many kittens and currently has two proteges who follow him around everywhere. He adores his foster family and takes every chance to snuggle or cuddle with them, soaking up the love. It's clear that Arlo has wiggled his way into their lives and they will love and look after him for as long as they can.