Dying Kitten Rescued from Dumpster Fire Recovers Now Finds a Home and Beautiful Recover

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We’ve all heard people compare difficult events to a “dumpster fire.” But imagine being caught in a real dumpster fire. That is exactly what happened to this poor sweet kitty in Las Vegas.

Kitten Rescued from Dumpster Fire

A dumpster fire raged in Las Vegas, but authorities didn’t know how it started. When Clark County Animal Services arrived on the scene, they found a 4-week-old kitten badly burned, however she was alive! Rescuers quickly rushed Savannah to the Animal Foundation in Vegas. When she arrived, they found the fire had singed her whiskers and fur and burned her paws badly. She also has second and third-degree burns on her tail, face, and legs.

The rescuers immediately gave her medication to help with the pain and placed her in the facility’s incubator. With medical care in order, the little kitten needed weeks to recuperate. And only half-hour after rescuers asked for a foster care provider, a veterinarian called to take her in. Within an hour, Savannah arrived at her new, but temporary, home.

“Her fur and whiskers were singed,” Animal Foundation Communications Director Kelsey Pizzi says. “Her paws were also burned, so we had to put tiny little bandages on her paws.”

Savannah Mades a Miraculous Recovery

Fortunately, Savannah slowly but surely healed with attention from the vet. Although her injuries were more severe than the Foundation originally thought, she was in perfect hands.

“The skin is starting to shed on her paws and face,” Pizzi states. “The one thing that we have to worry about with that is the risk that the wounds can become infected. But the foster says that she’s a little fighter.”

Savannah enjoys wet food and spending time playing with her foster mom. She’s a really rambunctious kitten! The small kitten began a process of skin shedding after a few weeks of care, and the vet techs watched to make sure none of her burns became infected.

At her age, when she was found, Savannah’s immune system was not fully developed, so it was nothing but strength and determination along with proper medical care that helped her along.  Only three weeks later, Savannah grew big and healthy and started growing back some of her fur. And after a couple of months, she made a full recovery and was ready for adoption!

Savannah recovered in foster care thanks to generous donations from kind, caring people. On the Animal Foundation’s website, they shared updates as she made progress. It’s heartwarming to see how much she improved and began playing and seeking affection.

At six weeks old, she looked like a completely new kitten.

“She’s a lot bigger now, and some of her fur has grown back! Savannah will look a little different because she will be sporting some scars on her slightly misshapen ears, but she is expected to live a happy, normal life. We are so happy she is going to be okay,” the rescuers shared.

Savannah Found a Home

In late June, the Foundation was pleased to share the good news: Savannah had found a forever home with someone from the vet clinic!

“We’re thrilled to report that Savannah has been adopted!” they shared on Facebook.“Thanks to your generous donations, Savannah received the lifesaving treatment she needed to heal. Thank you, as always, for helping us save animals like Savannah who need specialized medical care. And an extra special thanks to Savannah’s foster for giving her all the love and support she needed,”

“Savannah’s adopter helped care for her at a local veterinary hospital where she received treatment. He says Savannah is doing great. She’s feisty, adventurous and playful. We look forward to seeing her grow up,” 

According to the kitty’s new dad is Alex Reyes, “a veterinary assistant who treated her.” After doing literally everything for the kitten as she recovered, he sees her story as a great example of why it’s all worth the effort.

“No matter what injury, they can always come back,” Reyes told KTNV. “Every animal deserves a second chance and she definitely got hers, and we’re going to make the best of it.”

Although the kitten looks slightly different, Reyes appreciates her unique qualities.

“It just makes her unique, you know? You’ll never find another cat with half ears or a fake nose as we call it,” he said. “I think it makes her look cute and different.”

Video by KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas:

As you can see below, this kitty is fierce and ready to take on life!