Sick Kitten Got Her Head Stuck In Fence While Trying To Find Help

When rescuers from Alley Cat Rescue were working on a trap, neuter, return program (TNR), they found a tiny kitten with her head stuck in a fence.

The rescuers sprang into action to get her out but soon realized that she wasn’t alone.

Behind the fence they found the kitten’s siblings and all of them were in need of urgent medical attention.

The little white kitten that alerted the rescuers they named Meeps. 

She was in a serious condition, her eyes were sealed up due to infections and she needed to be treated urgently.

"They were very ill and required multiple rounds of antibiotics for prolonged upper respiratory infections, eye ointment, eye drops, GI meds, probiotics, and treatment for multiple parasites,"

All of the rescue volunteers worked hard to get Meeps and her siblings back to good health.

The cats were then spayed and vaccinated before they were taken to a foster home where they were loved and cared for.

This delightful family were getting the proper care they needed to recuperate.

They were given plenty of love and cuddles, just the right sort of medicine for a sick infant!

Soon the kittens began to improve, they were gaining weight now that they had plenty of food to eat. 

Meeps showed everyone her incredible will to live and has become such a cutie.

"This adorable sweet girl comes looking for love in the right places. She rolls around on your computer keyboard, purring until you can't resist." said her foster mom.

Little Meeps got stronger and soon was snuggling with her siblings every night while cosying up to her carers after every meal. 

With all the of care and attention they were receiving, including round the clock care to begin with, all of the kittens were becoming stronger as they began to recuperate. 

Meeps, as well as her siblings made a full recovery.

Once the family were up for adoption, it didn't take long for them to find their forever homes.

We're sure that all of the kittens are forever thankful to their little sister who literally stuck her neck out for her family.