Abandoned By Family, Valentino The Cat Finds Love Again

Valentino, a Ragdoll cat, was left behind by his family when they moved away. Abandoned and alone, he wandered the neighborhood in search of food and shelter. Luckily for him, he found his way to a kind neighbor's porch. Despite her husband's severe cat allergies, the woman took Valentino in and provided him with a safe spot in her garage.

Knowing that she couldn't keep Valentino for long because of her husband's allergies, the neighbor reached out to Debbie Harris, a renowned cat fosterer. Debbie, who had been fostering cats since 2004, fell in love with Valentino the moment she saw his photo and immediately took him in.

Upon taking Valentino to the vet, Debbie was delighted to discover what a well-behaved and gentle cat he was. Despite his sneezing, which indicated a possible upper respiratory infection (URI) from his time outdoors, Valentino charmed everyone at the vet's office with his affectionate nature.

Debbie took it upon herself to nurse Valentino back to health. As she shared on Instagram, the handsome kitty quickly won her over, and she knew she would likely become a "foster fail" by adopting him permanently. She started posting photos of Valentino on Instagram, where he garnered a lot of attention and adoption inquiries. However, he was already home with Debbie.

Valentino adapted well to his new pampered life and enjoyed playing with toys and exploring his new surroundings. However, getting along with his two new feline siblings, JoJo and Lil Man, proved to be slightly challenging at first. But with Debbie's patient guidance, the furry family members soon settled into a happy routine, despite the occasional sibling squabble.

Valentino's story is a reminder of the kindness that can save the lives of abandoned pets. Debbie still struggles to understand how anyone could leave their pets behind when moving. Valentino's family had abandoned him, forcing him to fend for himself. Thankfully, compassionate individuals like Debbie and her coworker stepped in to give him the love and care he deserved.

As cat lovers, it's difficult for us to comprehend the actions of those who abandon their pets. However, stories like Valentino's remind us of the difference kind-hearted individuals can make in the lives of animals in need. With their help, cats like Valentino have a second chance at finding a loving forever home.

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