🌟 Angelina Jolie Unveils the Fascinating Reason Kids Sometimes Tremble in Awe of Her

In a recent short video clip shared on social media platform #shorts, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie disclosed the reason behind children occasionally being afraid of her. In the clip, Jolie humorously remarked that due to her role as the iconic Disney villain Maleficent, children often perceive her as the character and find her intimidating. She explained that during the making of the movies, she had to interact with children who would sometimes become overwhelmed by her presence, finding it difficult to differentiate between fiction and reality.

Jolie, known for her philanthropic endeavors and acclaimed acting career, expressed her fondness for children and their innocent perspective of the world. She mentioned how she always tried to put the children at ease by speaking softly, using a gentle approach, and ultimately showing them that she was just an actress playing a role.

The actress went on to discuss the impact and importance of storytelling in a child's life, emphasizing that stories have the ability to influence children's understanding of emotions and characters. By portraying Maleficent, a villainess with a twist, Jolie aimed to challenge traditional stereotypes and ignite conversations around forgiveness, redemption, and personal growth.

Jolie's candid revelation about children's fear towards her sheds light on the power of imagination and the impact that films and characters can have on young minds. Despite her intimidating on-screen presence, she reassured viewers that her interactions with children are always filled with warmth, compassion, and the desire to provide a positive experience for them.

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