Meet Derpy Kitten Wyatt Derp and Doc Holiday, 'the Tombstone Babies'

Wyatt Earp and his brother, Doc Holiday, were two ginger kittens who were in need of care when they were discovered by kitten rescuer Heather and her daughter Keely. At the time, the kittens were only a few weeks old and required constant bottle feeding. Being fans of Western culture, Heather and Keely decided to name the kittens after characters from the old Western film "Tombstone." They even shared on Instagram that they enjoy Wild West names and the history associated with them. The kittens quickly became known as "The Tombstone babies" among their followers.

In one adorable photo, Wyatt is shown with a milk beard while feeding. Both Wyatt and Doc were enthusiastic bottle feeders, even at the age of five weeks. As Wyatt grew, it became apparent that he was a bit behind in development compared to Doc, but that didn't diminish his cuteness and the love his rescuers had for him. Wyatt's dazed expression and silly antics earned him the nickname "Wyatt Derp" and "Sir Derps-a-lot." He always seemed to have a derpy expression in many photos, but as he got older, his photogenic qualities became apparent. His rescuers affectionately referred to him as their little goofball.

In a surprising twist, it was discovered that Wyatt was actually a female when it was time for her to be neutered. Ginger females are rare, and so Wyatt became known as Miss Wyatt Derp. She became incredibly affectionate and snuggly, often seeking out cozy spots like inside a trash can. As the kittens grew, they formed a bond with the family dog, Floyd. While Wyatt initially hissed at Floyd in protest, Doc Holiday seemed to enjoy spending time with the friendly dog. Both kittens loved snuggling with each other and receiving cuddles and affection from their rescuers. Heather described them as the most affectionate kittens they had ever fostered. By June, the Tombstone babies were ready to find their forever homes. They had transformed from bottle babies to beautiful, playful kittens. Heather shared their photos and described their personalities, emphasizing what a wonderful addition they would be to any family.

Recently, Miss Wyatt Derp found her forever home with a previous adopter who happened to be a former student of Heather's from elementary school. Keely shared the happy news that Wyatt now lives with other ginger cats and a loving family who are spoiling her. Meanwhile, Doc Holiday is still waiting for his forever home.

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