As The First Owner Could Not Take Care Of Him The Cat Was Adapted By A Loving Couple

Symba, a 6-year-old cat, had a heartbreaking story that highlights the challenges faced by pets when their senior owners struggle to provide proper care. Symba lived with an elderly man who eventually had to move to a retirement home due to his declining abilities. Unfortunately, the retirement home did not allow Symba to accompany him, so the cat was taken to the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) in Washington.

When Symba arrived at the center, the staff were astonished to find a 35-pound cat. He was considerably larger than any cat they had encountered before and clearly needed help. Despite his weight issue, Symba maintained a cheerful demeanor. However, his excessive weight put him at risk for various health problems such as heart issues, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

The HRA team immediately initiated a diet and fitness program for Symba. They devised clever food puzzles to curb his overeating tendencies and introduced him to a cat wheel for exercise. Symba began his journey towards a healthier life under their care.

Eventually, Symba was put up for adoption. The staff members described him as an inquisitive young cat with plenty of life left in him, despite his age. However, it was crucial for his new family to continue supporting his health and well-being, as his life depended on it. While things were going well at the time, there was still work to be done.

The HRA spokesperson emphasized the importance of Symba's adopters understanding the need to follow the program and address his weight issues. They planned to provide the adopters with the games, puzzles, and nutrition plan that helped Symba progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

With the support of his new family and the continuation of his specialized care, Symba has a chance to live a fulfilling and healthy life. The dedication of the HRA staff ensures that Symba's well-being remains a priority even after adoption.

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