Boy With Down Syndrome Gets Approached By Dog

It is our nature as human beings to be ignorant and selfish. But thank God he created dogs. These remarkable creatures are simply kind, gentle and always selfless. You won’t find a better proof of that than the charming clips below! Herman, a 5-year-old boy from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has Down syndrome and has always avoided physical contact with others. Even other children ignore him. But luckily this adorable boy found a much better dog, Himalaya. She is a sweet labrador retriever. The two have formed an incredible bond.In an emotional and very intense shot, the dog gently approaches the child. Himalaya acts as if she knows that the child has special needs and requires special attention. Even those who are shy about physical interaction cannot resist the affection and unconditional love of a dog. When the puppy approached Hernan, the boy reacted in a very cute way. Fortunately, his mom captured this touching scene on camera.

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