Dоg Missing Part Of Faсе Was Lеft Fоr Abandоnеd By Ownеrs, But A Lifе-Changing A Sесоnd!

Bjarni, a mixed-breed dog, was abandoned by his owners after they learned of the congenital condition where he had only half of his nose with his lips missing. After seeking help by the Texas animal rescue group St. Francis’ Angels, the founder, Anne Graber, took the dog in and decided to help bridge the gap on the dog's face.

Through fundraising activities on their Facebook page, kind-hearted donors donated $5,100 for the surgery. With the help of veterinarian Jason Balara, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, the surgery was successful and reconstructed Bjarni's nose and realigned it to his sinus cavities. The surgery improved Bjarni's health, made him more adopTable, and was later adopted by a new family.

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