Kitten Brought to Shelter Alone and Started Greeting Everyone, Months Later, Some Things Just Never Change

A sweet and tiny kitten named Cuddle Buddy, or CB for short, was brought to ACCT Philly shelter, all alone and in need of love and care. The staff and volunteers were immediately drawn to CB's affectionate nature and love for cuddles. Erica Whitsell, a vet tech, stepped up to foster CB, providing the round-the-clock attention the kitten needed.

The first night with CB was challenging, as she refused to eat from a bottle. Erica had to tube-feed the kitten every few hours and give her an enema to ease her distended belly. Despite the difficulties, CB held on and showed her resilience. By the next day, she perked up and latched onto her bottle with gusto.

As the weeks passed, CB's strength grew, and she began using her legs more confidently. Her appetite also soared, and she became quite vocal in demanding her bottle. If Erica didn't serve it quickly enough, CB would give her a gentle nip on the hand. CB also started mastering the art of using the litter box and began learning to eat solid food.

During her time with Erica, CB had the company of Forest and Phoebe, Erica's resident cats. They offered their help by cleaning food residue off CB's face and allowing her to nap in their arms. When Erica would come home, CB would always greet her with purrs and meows, running towards her with excitement.

When Erica had to move, CB was placed with a new foster family through Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (Paws). CB immediately made herself at home, settling into a blanket fort with her own snuggle plushie. Her new foster mom woke up the next day to CB's sweet morning greetings, her eyes filled with curiosity and innocence.

CB's foster mom described her as a playful and loving kitten who is always happy to see you. CB loves to play and snuggle up in laps, always being the first to greet her humans when they come home. Now, at three months old, CB is ready to find a place of her own. She spends her days playing with other kitties in the house, supervising her foster mom, and enjoying her meals.

CB is a small girl with big eyes and permanent eyeliner. She will do anything for treats and wet food. Every day, CB continues to greet her humans with a gentle rub against their legs and a soothing purr, providing the warmest welcome anyone could ask for.

CB's story is a heartwarming tale of resilience and love. It is a reminder that even when faced with challenges, we can find strength and joy in the company of those who care for us. CB is now looking for her forever home, where she can continue to shower her humans with love and affection.

If you're interested in adopting CB, you can find more information on her Instagram page, @cbthekitty, and through PAWS, @phillypaws. Let's spread the word and help CB find a loving and permanent place to call her own.

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