'Mystery Pup' Found Alone In The Rain Leaves Everyone Completely Baffled!

While driving through the rain, Tory Chang found a tiny animal stuck in the mud and took her into the car, believing her to be a baby fox. But when she contacted For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue for help, they couldn't identify her for sure. The "fox" looked more like a coyote pup in the blurry picture Chang sent.

Yoti, as the baby animal was later named, was eventually handed over to For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue and was fostered by a family, as she seemed much more like a puppy than a wild animal. However, as she grew up, she became too wild and was taken back to the Wildlife Rescue. After a DNA test, it turned out that Yoti was a coyote-domestic dog hybrid and will now be rehabilitated at Walden's Puddle until she is ready to be released back into the wild.

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