Husky's Silent Treatment Transforms as Mom Croons Her Beloved Tune

Mya the Husky was furious after being sprayed with flea spray. She ignored her human until her favorite song was sung. Mya's mom knew how to make her happy and always made her smile. In another heartwarming video, an 8-week-old Beagle puppy learns to howl with his dad. A coyote pretends to be angry when being brushed but secretly enjoys it. A boy is surprised by his lost dog after school. An Uber driver surprises his riders with a puppy. Otters rejoice when their dad returns from a business trip. A Golden Retriever says "sorry" for making a baby cry. A mom cat introduces her kittens to a Golden Retriever. A pet raven behaves like a dog. A tiny Bulldog talks cutely. And an adorable Frenchie claims his territory sassily.

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