Top Celebrity Pranks Pulled Off Behind the Curtains

Title: Best Celebrity Backstage Scares


This article highlights some of the most memorable backstage scares that celebrities have experienced. From pranksters and unexpected encounters to supernatural experiences, these incidents have left famous individuals both terrified and amused. Despite the frights, these stories shed light on the humorous and unpredictable moments that can occur behind the scenes in the lives of the rich and famous.


Backstage scares are not limited to horror movie sets. Even in the glitzy world of celebrities, unexpected frights await behind closed doors. The lives of the rich and famous may seem glamorous from the outside, but these stories demonstrate that even they are not immune to a good scare.

One tale that stands out involves pop sensation Justin Bieber. During one of his concerts, there was a moment when Bieber was sitting backstage to catch his breath. Suddenly, a person dressed as a clown appeared from nowhere, causing the superstar to jump in fright. As it turned out, this prankster was none other than Bieber's own team member, determined to add some excitement to the evening. The incident left everyone laughing, including Bieber himself.

Singer Ariana Grande also experienced a backstage scare that left her shaken. While preparing for a show, she encountered a mysterious figure in the hallway. The sighting left the usually composed artist terrified and screaming. It turned out that it was just a member of her crew playing a practical joke, but the incident showcased the vulnerability hidden beneath her confident onstage demeanor.

Furthermore, not all backstage scares are the result of mischief or pranksters. Some celebrities have found themselves in situations that seem truly supernatural. Well-known actress Kirsten Stewart confessed to experiencing ghostly encounters backstage during the filming of one of her movies. She claimed that she often felt an inexplicable presence and even witnessed objects moving by themselves. These eerie incidents made her question whether the sets she works on may harbor spirits from another realm.

While celebrity backstage scares range from haunting to humorous, one famous prank stands out above all. Renowned talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has made scaring her guests a signature feature of her show. She is known for hilariously catching her celebrity visitors off guard with unexpected frights. Whether it's a hidden person jumping out of the set or disguising herself as a character, DeGeneres's pranks have become legendary in the realm of backstage scares.

In conclusion, these stories of backstage scares give us a glimpse beyond the glitz and glamour of celebrity life. They remind us that famous individuals are mere mortals susceptible to surprise, fright, and laughter. From clowns and practical jokes to encounters with the supernatural, these incidents demonstrate that backstage scares are not exclusive to horror movies, but an unpredictable part of the lives of those living in the public eye.

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