Jane Leeves Talks About the ‘Frasier’ Finale and Surprises Ellen with Baby News!

English actress Jane Leeves, best known for her role as Daphne Moon on the hit sitcom "Frasier", recently discussed the show's finale and her exciting baby news during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Leeves reminisced about the finale of "Frasier," which aired in 2004 after 11 successful seasons. The actress expressed her gratitude for being a part of such an incredible show and for the opportunity to work with the talented cast and crew. Leeves shared that she felt a mix of emotions as the show came to an end, including sadness and relief.

The show's finale, titled "Goodnight, Seattle", was highly anticipated by fans who were eager to see how the storylines would wrap up. Leeves revealed that the cast and crew were not given the entire script until they had finished filming the second-to-last episode. This added an element of surprise and excitement for everyone involved.

Reflecting on her time playing Daphne Moon, Leeves mentioned that she loved the character's arc throughout the series. Daphne started as a quirky and overly intuitive physical therapist, but as the show progressed, she evolved and grew into a more complex and beloved character.

During the interview, Leeves also shared some personal news - she was expecting a baby! The actress revealed that she was pregnant during the final season of "Frasier" and kept it a secret on set. Leeves explained that she had a habit of not telling anyone about her pregnancies until about five months in, which made it "very interesting" to hide her growing belly during the filming of the show.

In a fun twist, Leeves confessed that she accidentally revealed her pregnancy during an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." She amusingly recounted how she tried to hide her bump during the interview but eventually slipped up and unintentionally revealed her exciting news.

Leeves also mentioned that her character, Daphne, was written to be pregnant in the final season, aligning perfectly with her own pregnancy. The actress felt that this added a special touch to the storyline and made the experience even more memorable.

In conclusion, Jane Leeves fondly recollected the finale of "Frasier" and her time playing the beloved character Daphne Moon. She also shared her exciting baby news and detailed how she kept her pregnancy a secret during the filming of the show. Fans of "Frasier" can now appreciate the behind-the-scenes stories and reminisce about the iconic series in a new light.

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