These ‘Comfy’ and ‘Durable’ Dog Beds Are ‘Worth Every Penny,’ According to Shoppers — and Prices Start at $12

of keeping their fur babies happy, and that starts with good sleep. Finding the right mattress for your pup is much like finding the right one for yourself. While the Dalmatian down the street might prefer an elevated mat, maybe your high-maintenance labrador is all about an orthopedic bed.

We turned to thanks to its wide variety of affordable dog and cat beds, including elevated mats ideal for warm climates, orthopedic cushions that are especially helpful for senior dogs, and everything in between. For example, the is a favorite among pet parents thanks to “durability” that can withstand “very destructive pugs,” while this

boasts five stars and is under $30. Keep scrolling to find the best deals on , so you can rest easy knowing your pet is resting easy. 

Best Dog Crate Mats 

If you’re committed to crate training your dog and haven’t already folded to their powers of persuasion, you’ll want to invest in a good mat, like this that shoppers called “durable” and “comfy.” According to the brand, it’s engineered for strength with a water-repellent fabric shell that can even be left outside. One customer said that the mat doesn’t tempt their “puppy to chew and tear” the fabric apart, while another added that it’s “easy to wipe and air out when needed.

” Other options to consider include this from Majestic Pet and the , which one pet parent said their dog slept on like “a baby in a king-sized bed.” 

Best Heated and Cooling Pet Beds 

Our pets deserve the same luxuries that we do, which is why you might want to invest in a heated or cooling bed for your four-legged friend. This keeps your pet warm thanks to its cozy fleece cover and heating pad with four watts of power, and one shopper said their cat loves it so much, they will “only sleep on” it now. The is an orthopedic option that can be used outside, even in sub-zero weather, while this other

requires no electricity to keep your dog cool on hot summer days. If you’re looking for something your dog can’t destroy, add this to your cart. Customers said that this “durable” option would require a lot to “actually do damage to it.” 

Best Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are , as they prevent arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues and are an excellent option for comfort. This , for example, is ultra-breathable and cooling. Not to mention, shoppers raved over its “high quality” that “holds up well” even for dogs prone to chewing.

This is another luxe option that features a water-resistant roll-down sunshade for added protection outdoors. One customer called it “the coolest accessory” their dog owns, while another said it’s “loved by both my dog and cat.” 

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

If you’re in the market for an orthopedic dog bed, look no further than this that one shopper called the “best” they’ve bought and “worth every penny.” Customers praised it for being “thick,” “durable,” and “machine washable.” orthopedic bed boasts a similarly supportive foam, while the has the same memory foam comfort as a human bed.

As a bonus, “it’s indestructible,” according to a reviewer with a golden retriever that “tried to destroy” the bed.

Best Cuddler Dog Beds 

Cuddler-style beds are not only a classic choice, but they’re light enough to make a crate easy to transport. This PetSmart exclusive looks good in your house while keeping your pup comfy, while the is “durable” and “easy to wash.” The comes with a built-in blanket, so you can quite literally tuck your fur baby in, and it has quickly become “everyone’s favorite bed” in one shopper’s pet-filled house.

Keep scrolling for more cozy dog beds available at

, including orthopedic, crate mats, and elevated beds.  

Midwest Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Crate Bed 

Top Paw Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

Top Paw Orthopedic Mattress Dog Bed

K&H Memory Ortho Sleeper Dog Bed

Value Beds Blue Gingham Cuddler Dog Bed

Kong 4-Sided Cuddler Dog Bed 

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