Friendly Dog Smiles At Everyone At Adoption Event — But No One Notices Him!

Barney, a sweet shelter dog, had been waiting for months to be adopted. Despite his friendly and affectionate nature, no one had shown interest in him. At an adoption event, Barney watched as other dogs found families, but he remained unnoticed. Shelter staff were heartbroken for him, but Barney didn't let it get him down. He enjoyed playing with other dogs, but what he really wanted was someone to love him. His larger size has made many adopters wary, but the shelter believes there is someone out there who will see past that.

Barney longs for attention and affection, whining and pressing himself against his kennel gate to be noticed. If given the chance to play or just sit with someone, he is overjoyed. The humane society wrote about Barney's infinite affection and hope that someone will give him the loving home he deserves.