These 3 Maine Coon Kitten Siblings Were All Born With The Grumpiest And Most Adorable Faces

This litter of kittens have been blessed with the grumpiest yet simultaneously cutest faces ever.

Main Coons often stand out from other cats due to their large, muscular stature and impressive tails, but this litter is winning hearts with their grumpy and adorable faces.

Their tiny eyes look like they're glaring at us, their little noses seem permanently wrinkled in dismay and their teeny mouths curl downwards in disapproving scowls.

And somehow, it's just so adorable. Have a look for yourselves!(h/t: boredpanda)

This little guy is still unnamed, and looks like he woke up on the wrong side of the cat bed.

Meet Chimera Blue, so cute and grumpy at the same time

That slightly offended frown is oh so precious.

This little beauty is named Cardinal, and looks mildly disturbed.

That's 100% a disgruntled old man caught in a kittens body!

Somehow they just get cuter the grumpier they look.

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