So Happy!"Feisty Feral Kitten"with Crooked Legs Blooms into Cuddly Companion After Being Loved & Pampered

Sarah Richardson, rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, received a call from a woman who found a tiny kitten with what she thought were broken legs. The kitten, later named Bo Peep, was very feisty and had never been around humans before. However, Sarah soon realized that Bo Peep didn't have broken legs but instead was born with a genetic condition causing her legs to bend in an unusual way. Despite this, Bo Peep is resilient and determined, and is receiving daily physical therapy to improve her mobility. Sarah hopes to find a specialist who can help with Bo Peep's condition and eventually find her a loving forever family. For now, Bo Peep is safe, well-fed, and warm in her foster home with her new friends Woody and Buzz.

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