Princess Anne Predicts Meghan Markle’s ‘Short Shelf Life’ In Royal Family

news reveals Princess Anne living up to her reputation for her dedication to her family and country. But the late Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter also has become known for saying exactly what she thinks.

And when it comes to , Anne didn’t hold back. Keep reading to learn how the princess predicted Meghan’s short-lived tenure in the royal family as well as the wise advice Anne gave to Meghan.

Princess Anne – Predicts Meghan Markle’s ‘Short Shelf-Life’

As Meghan Markle walked solemnly down the wedding aisle to tie the knot with Prince Harry, Princess Anne analyzed the situation.

And amid that life-changing year of 2018 for Meghan and Harry, Anne, 73, predicted that the Suits TV show star, 42,  wouldn’t last long as a working member of the royal family, according to the .

Famed as a strong woman who doesn’t tolerate nonsense, the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth became suspicious about Meghan’s longevity amid her wedding. And Anne predicted that Harry’s new wife would experience a as a working member of the royal family. 

But it took just two years for Because in 2020, Meghan and her 39-year-old hubby stepped down as senior members of the royal family. And they fled to the safe seclusion of an upscale California town, Montecito. 

Princess Anne – Tried To Advise Meghan Markle

However, royal expert Neil Sean shared his insights into what happened when Princess Anne and Meghan became acquainted. And Sean revealed,

But the royal expert then compared Princess Anne to Meghan. And he noted

And while Meghan sets up paparazzi opportunities and publicizes her every move, Anne views her royal work as an important As a result, Anne set guidelines, seeking to advise Meghan. Those rules sum up Anne’s own dedicated approach to her duties.

Princess Anne – Holds ‘Soft Spot’ For Prince Harry

However, Sean noted that the Duchess of Sussex didn’t mesh with Anne. As a result, the princess believed that believe that Anne has held onto her “soft spot” for Harry even after he left his royal duties.

In contrast, royal expert Jennie Bond claimed that Princess Anne feels irate at Harry because of his memoir Spare. And Bond revealed,

And true to her authentic self, Anne cautioned against a monarchy. That idea “

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