First time two cats meet does not go as planned: "Screaming"

If cats possessed the ability to communicate using human language, one feline in particular would undoubtedly be screaming, "stranger danger!" A viral TikTok video showcases this cat's intense reaction to the presence of another cat. The video, uploaded by the cat owners on their account @ellie.and.zeus, features a black cat named Zeus who starts meowing incessantly as soon as he notices the arrival of the other cat. Ellie, a grey tabby who appears unfazed by Zeus's theatrics, calmly sits beside him. The video includes on-screen text that explains the situation: "How my cats reacted to my friend's cat," along with footage of the friend's cat perched on a cat tree.

Since its posting on January 11, the video has amassed an astonishing 6.1 million views and 1.2 million likes.

Given the cats' differing personalities, their reactions come as no surprise to their owner. In their bio, the owners describe the page as dedicated to showcasing "two cats that have opposite personalities." This popular and relatable clip has garnered over 4,500 comments as of the time of writing.

Users have found the video amusing and have shared their own personal experiences in the comments. One user stated, "This is how I feel when people show up unexpectedly at my door." Another pointed out that Ellie seems more confused than scared, while a third comment humorously observed, "Him looking around like why isn't anyone else screaming.

" A fourth user humorously imagined Zeus's perspective with the phrase, "MOOOOOM THERE'S A STRANGER IN OUR HOUSE."

Although the cats in the video did not engage in a physical altercation, it is worth noting that some cats may resort to aggression when encountering other cats for the first time. This behavior can be attributed to their territorial nature. Introducing two cats to each other should be a gradual process, as recommended by the Humane Society of Huron Valley. The society advises redirecting cats that exhibit hissing or growling behavior out of the room, rather than picking them up. Distractions such as toys or treats can prove helpful.

Newsweek reached out to @ellie.and.zeus for comment, however, the details of the case could not be verified.

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