New York Police Officers Rescue Blind Border Collie Lost in Frigid Pond — Watch!

The New York Police Department rescued a blind dog from a potentially frigid fate.

On Halloween, the department received several 911 calls about a dog stuck and drowning in the cold water of Baisley Pond in South Jamaica, Queens, according to the NYPD.

Officers were sent out to assist the dog. Bodycam footage shows the rescue of the canine, who turned out to be a lost and blind 8-year-old border collie named Sparky.

A video of the rescue was uploaded to the channel and account on Wednesday.

In the clip, Officer Williams and Officer Esposito from the 113 Precinct arrive on the scene and enter the water on foot to retrieve the canine. 

One of the officers breathes heavily as they wade through the thick vegetation in the pond and its cold, marshy water. 

It is unclear how long Sparky was in the water before the officers arrive, but the dog appears tired and silent when officers Williams and Esposito find him.

After walking through the vegetation and locating the dog, the officers attempt to comfort the pet during the rescue.

"Pup, you okay, you okay," one of the officers tells Sparky.

In the video, the authorities use a long stick to move branches aside to get Sparky out, but the dog doesn't move.

Eventually, the officers reach and carefully grab the border collie, lifting him from the waist-deep water.

After carrying Sparky to land, the officers set the dog down and catch their breath. The border collie is later placed into the back of an NYPD vehicle and covered with a jacket as a makeshift blanket.

"I can't feel anything," an officer says as he covers Sparky with the coat and then instructs his coworker to "blast the heat."

According to the NYPD, the was taken to "a local veterinarian where he was later reunited with his owner."

Sparky isn't the only pooch to be reunited with family after weathering unfavorable circumstances.

In September, a 13-year-old golden retriever named Stella returned home after disappearing in early July.

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The dog's family — Sarah and Jerome Mahoskey and kids Kai and Quinn — were spending time together at their Sitka, Alaska home when and sent her running into the woods. Despite long searches to find the animal, Stella remained missing. 

Months went by with no luck. Then, to the Mahoskey family's surprise, 65 days later, they received a phone call from their friend Tim Eddy with great news. 

"He said, 'Do you have a golden retriever?' And Jerome said, 'Well, we did have a golden retriever.' And he says, 'Well, I think this is your golden retriever,'" Sarah explained.

Stella was found in a quarry about 30 pounds lighter. She also had a wide gash against her left side that the family believes could've been from . Luckily, she recovered after being found.

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