Orphan Kitten Nestles Up to a Cat and Won't Go Anywhere for Days, Making Up for Lost Time

Shelbi Uyehara, founder of , was contacted about a cat mother and her five precious newborns. They needed a foster home, so Shelbi set up a comfortable nursery to welcome in the family of six.

The cat mother, Dottie, appeared to be feral and was very protective of her kittens. She was wary of people but glad to have a safe place to raise her litter and plenty of food to go around.

Around that time, Shelbi took in a tiny orphan kitten who desperately needed a mom.

After a tough start to life, Bowie is making up for lost time with a cat family that adores him to pieces. They are starting to walk, and Bowie's inquisitive personality is emerging.

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