Rescued Tabby Kittens Love Getting Kisses From Foster Mama Dog

Tabby kittens Gilligan and Milli were discovered on the streets as helpless and vulnerable little creatures. They were without their mother, making their chances of survival slim. However, these adorable kittens were lucky enough to find an unlikely foster mom who showered them with love and care, ultimately giving them a second chance at life.

At just three weeks old, kittens are in need of constant care and the nurturing warmth and protection of their mother. Unfortunately, kittens found on the streets seldom receive the opportunity to live the spoiled and happy life they deserve. However, with the help of rescue and foster programs, abandoned kittens like Gilligan and Milli are given the chance to thrive.

Kona, a foster dog, and her human mom, Asa, had decided to take a break from fostering. But when they heard about Gilligan and Milli, their hearts melted, and they couldn't resist the urge to help. Asa, a volunteer with the Manhattan branch of Animal Care Centers, immediately reached out to offer her assistance.

The moment Kona and Asa laid eyes on Gilligan and Milli, it was love at first sight. The kittens courageously approached Kona, sensing the warmth and love emanating from her. Asa shared, "It was love at first sight on both ends." Kona, despite being past her puppy birthing days, still had a strong maternal instinct and was overjoyed to have babies who needed her love and care.

From the moment they arrived, it has been a haven of naps, cuddles, and kisses for Mama Kona and the kittens. While both kittens adore their foster mom, Milli has formed an especially strong bond with Kona. Asa noted, "Milli has grown up to be such a mama Kona's girl." It's evident that these kittens have found the love and security they desperately needed.

Something unique has developed in Kona's caring nature for these foster kittens. Asa mentioned, "Kona has always been a great mom to foster kittens, but these two are the first ones she's ever carried." Kona carries the kittens to her bed, where she lavishes them with kisses. It's easy to understand why Kona is so enamored with these tabby cuties—they are simply too adorable to resist!

Kona's story of fostering Gilligan and Milli is not her first encounter with fostering. Asa and Kona first met when Kona arrived as a foster dog with three puppies. Although the puppies found their forever homes, Kona had already found hers with Asa. Asa affectionately refers to Kona as a "foster fail," as she knew from the beginning that she was meant to stay.

Together, Kona and Asa are providing kittens with the chance at life they truly deserve. Their selflessness and unwavering love are giving Gilligan and Milli the opportunity to grow into strong and healthy cats. Thanks to the compassion and dedication of people like Asa and the innate nurturing instincts of dogs like Kona, abandoned kittens have a shot at happiness and a bright future.

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