Woman Bought Her Kitties A Chicken Coop ... And They Love It!

Living in an area frequented by coyotes can be a cause for concern, especially for pet owners. The fear of these wild animals attacking their beloved cats is a constant worry for many. However, one woman has come up with an ingenious solution to keep her feline companions safe while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors.

Jacsmom, as she is known on Reddit, wanted to provide her cats with some fresh air without compromising their safety. After brainstorming and searching for alternatives, she finally devised a plan that has proven to be both practical and effective. She decided to build a custom chicken coop, which she then modified to cater to her cats' needs.

The chicken coop, raised with an added floor, now serves as an outdoor enclosure for her cats. By opening a door that leads directly into her home, she has created a safe way for her feline friends to access the outdoors while remaining protected from potential danger. This simple yet effective solution has been met with utmost admiration from fellow Redditors.

To construct this unique enclosure, Jacsmom utilized materials she already had lying around her home. Plywood, carpet, and wire grid were repurposed to create a secure and comfortable space for her cats. The only additional expense she incurred was for the wheels, which cost around $20. She highly recommends installing wheels on the coop, as they allow for easy detachment from the house and provide an extra layer of security when she is away from home.

The opening leading into the house is equipped with a secure door that can be easily opened and closed from the inside. This ensures that Jacsmom has full control over when her cats can enter and exit the enclosure. Moreover, it gives her peace of mind, knowing that her feline companions are always safe and protected from potential predators.

This innovative solution not only satisfies the cats' need for fresh air and outdoor exploration but also serves as an excellent example of putting existing resources to good use. By repurposing materials and utilizing her DIY skills, Jacsmom was able to create a safe haven for her cats without breaking the bank.

The positive reception to her idea on Reddit demonstrates the impact of sharing creative solutions within online communities. Ideas like these not only inspire and empower others to think outside the box but also foster a sense of community and support among like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, Jacsmom's clever solution to safely let her cats enjoy the outdoors is undeniably remarkable. Through resourcefulness and creativity, she has successfully created an outdoor enclosure that provides her feline companions with fresh air and security. Her DIY project serves as an inspiration to pet owners everywhere, showing that with a little ingenuity, it is possible to find safe and cost-effective ways to cater to our pets' needs.

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