Jeannie Mai yearns for Jeezy's return while Nicki's husband faces confinement post-Offset feud.

The article discusses two separate incidents related to celebrity relationships. Firstly, it mentions that Jeannie Mai, a television personality, expressed her desire to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend Jeezy. Secondly, it mentions that the husband of rapper Nicki Minaj had a conflict with Offset, the husband of rapper Cardi B, which resulted in him being put under confinement.

Jeannie Mai, known for her appearances on television shows like "The Real," has reportedly revealed her desire to rekindle her relationship with Jeezy. The couple had dated for a while and eventually broke up. However, it seems that Jeannie Mai has been reflecting on her feelings and wishes to give their relationship another try. Despite their breakup, Jeannie Mai's feelings for Jeezy seem to have remained strong. While the reasons for their separation are not specified in the article, it is clear that Jeannie Mai is hopeful for a second chance at love with Jeezy.

In another development, the article states that there was a feud between two renowned rappers, Offset and Nicki Minaj's husband. The nature of the conflict is not provided in the given summary. Following this dispute, Nicki Minaj's husband was apparently placed under confinement. The reason for this confinement is unclear from the given information. However, it is implied that it was a consequence of the altercation with Offset.

In summary, the article primarily focuses on the desire of Jeannie Mai, a well-known television personality, to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend Jeezy. Jeannie Mai reportedly wishes to give their relationship another chance after their breakup. Additionally, the article briefly mentions a conflict between Offset, the husband of rapper Cardi B, and the husband of rapper Nicki Minaj. As a result of this feud, Nicki Minaj's husband was put under confinement. The details surrounding both incidents are not provided, leaving the readers curious about the causes of the breakup and the conflict between the two rappers.

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