"We refused to turn them away"!Small Rescue Saves Over 140 Cats After Tornado

Community Cats of Central Arkansas has been working tirelessly to rehabilitate cats that were injured during a tornado that hit the area. The rescue took in over 100 injured cats, including kittens found under rubble. Adult and senior cats were also rescued, including one cat named Tori who had a broken jaw and needed emergency treatment. Community Cats of Central Arkansas is running out of resources and is in need of volunteers, funds, and supplies to continue their life-saving missions. They have over 140 cats in their care and are asking for donations of food, formula, litter, or other supplies through their Amazon wishlist. Volunteers can apply on their website to become fosters or transporters. Donations can also be made through their Meow Mail program. Follow Community Cats of Central Arkansas on Facebook and Sarah Richardson on Instagram to see updates on their rescue missions.

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