OIPA has shed light on low animal welfare and protection standards observed in Albania many times, highlighting in particular the issue of sterilization campaigns that turn out to be legalized “mass culling” programs where thousands of dogs across the country are killed by lethal injections, poisoning or shooting every year.

In Vlorë our representative Entela is spending her daily life feeding and taking care of street dogs in constant danger. Her activity is based merely on people’s donations, through which she buys pet food and parasite treatments and she covers the costs for vaccinations, spaying/neutering, travel expenses and medical care. Entela has a small place where she keeps safe some of the rescued dogs, in particular those who have no chance to survive on the street or those under medical treatment.

Because of the low rate of adoption and the lack of qualified animal hospitals, she also tries to rehome socialized dogs abroad in particular in Italy where she has reliable contacts.

Some of the rescued dogs

Giada, 1-year-old pitbull rescued in Vlorë. Probably used as fighting dog and then abandoned. She has been recently sterilized in a vet clinic of Tirana and she now looks for adoption or a foster home.

Lea, black little puppy abandoned in the south of Albania. 2-3 months old, mid size, vaccinated.

Kelsi, one of the dog our volunteer feeds on the street of Vlore. He is a very sweet dog (1 – 1.5 year-old). Abandoned 6 months ago,  he is not used to live on the street risking every day his life.  A loving family would be ideal for him.

Amos, a two-years-old small dog rescued from the South of Albania and now inVlore. He is vaccinated and soon will be spayed.

Sadly, the number of homeless animals needing help in Albania is very high

If you want to give dogs like Giada, Lea, Kelsi, Amos and other four-paws a chance, you can contribute donating for their food, vet treatment and rehoming cost.

Contact our representative: Entela Brati Guberaj +355 699294079

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