Sarah Paulson Says Getting Another Dog Made Holland Taylor Playfully ‘Question the Veracity of Our Relationship’

is most definitely an animal lover.

Chatting exclusively with PEOPLE, Paulson, 48, revealed that she and longtime partner had to come to an understanding about how many dogs they could have.

The couple already had two female pups when Paulson's best friend, actress , "made me go with her to find a dog for her mother," she says in this week's issue.

"I was leaving the house, and Holland said, 'If you come back with another dog, I’m going to have to question the veracity of this relationship,' " Paulson says, laughing. "I called her from there, and I was like, “I've met my son.' "

The actress, who is returning to Broadway in the new play , spoke to PEOPLE for One Last Thing: 

Last time I stayed up too late
Every night. Scrolling, taking a shower, reading. I always look at the clock like, “How did I stay up until 2:20 again?”

Last time I cried
I follow a lot of animal rescues on Instagram. I have sorrowful tears when I first see the animal, and hopefully by a few days later I get happy tears that they’re rescued. 

Last memorable fan encounter
I can’t pick one, because I feel so lucky they tell me my work meant something. I try to say no to a picture and yes to a conversation.  

Last time I was starstruck
Lupita [Nyong’o] and I went to see Taylor Swift. We didn’t meet her, but someone from her team gave us merchandise. They said, “This is from Taylor,” and I thought I was going to faint. 

Appropriate in New York City on Nov. 29.

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