Skinny, Old Dog Found On Side Of The Road Turns Out To Be Just A Puppy!

A stray dog named Quill was found injured and covered in porcupine quills by The ElleVet Project, a mobile veterinary clinic on a mission to provide care to pets in unhoused communities. Quill was given round-the-clock care, and the team removed all of the quills which had caused him deep pain. The ElleVet Project was founded by Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer in 2020, with a team of vets and a rented RV named ElleVan.

Their goal was to treat any pet that needed help, with respect and kindness. The team saw over 1,200 pets, including Sophie, a dog rescued from an abusive situation, and Hippo, a senior pit bull with bad hips. Quill, who recovered from his injuries, was placed in a wonderful home in Maine. 

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