9 Year Old Raises Almost and 80,000 To Purchase Bullet Proof Vests For Police Dogs!

Nine-year-old Brady Snakovsky from Ohio started a non-profit organization called Brady's K9 Fund after noticing that a K-9 on his favorite TV show, Live PD, was not wearing a pellet proof vest. He asked his mother if they could buy a vest for a K-9 in need, but the cost was prohibitive, so they decided to launch a Go Fund Me campaign.

The fund has been very successful, with many donations from people who support Brady's mission to provide bulletproof vests to all K-9 police officers. So far, they have raised a significant amount of money, and 79 vests have been donated to various police departments, including the Mendon Police Division. Brady hopes to provide vests to every K-9 police officer eventually.

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