Kind People Go Back to Find the Mother of a Kitten, Turns Out the Cat Has More Kittens to Feed

What a heartwarming story about Eddie and her mother, who were both rescued thanks to the efforts of dedicated animal rescuers in BC! Despite being born in an industrial site where many cats frequented, Eddie was lucky enough to be taken in by Katie, an animal rescuer, and given a chance at a better life. While caring for Eddie, Katie and her fellow rescuers never stopped looking for Eddie's mother, who they knew had likely birthed litter after litter. Finally, after months of searching, they were able to locate her with the help of a caretaker. When she arrived at the shelter, they discovered that she was heavily pregnant and promptly settled her in. She ended up giving birth to 10 kittens, seven of which survived, and has been a fiercely protective and loving mother to them. Despite being wary of people at first, she has shown progress in trusting them and will soon be spayed and allowed to live a stress-free life. Thanks to the efforts of rescuers and volunteers, Eddie and her mother will never have to hustle on the streets again and can enjoy the comfort and safety of a loving home.

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