Cat is So Happy to Be Indoors His Face Lights Up and He Greets Everyone Around Him!

What a heartwarming story about Tobias, the elusive cream cat who was finally rescued and given a chance at a better life. For a while, he would only appear at night to scrounge for food, but he gradually grew more comfortable around Stefany and her mother. When they set out a humane trap, Tobias walked right in and was taken to a vet clinic to be evaluated. Despite his sad eyes and exhaustion, he quickly warmed up to his rescuers and even gave them his first purrs. After receiving proper care and a full dental, Tobias thrived in foster care and became the king of the house, getting along well with other cats and loving cuddles from his people. He was so happy to be indoors that his face lit up and he started greeting everyone around him, waiting by the door to ask for hugs and sleeping glued to his people or wrapping his arms around them. Tobias has come a long way from his days on the streets and has found his forever family where he can be happy, curious, and loved.

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