Dog Owner Credits Hero Pet with Detecting Her Breast Cancer Early: 'My Little Lifesaver'

Trisha Allison, a 50-year-old mother of two, credits her dog Luna for detecting her breast cancer early. One Saturday morning, while Trisha was watching TV on her couch, Luna jumped on her chest and hit her right breast. Luna then began sniffing and nudging at Trisha's chest before lying beside her. Unusual behavior for the affectionate dog.

Feeling persistent pain in her chest after Luna's actions, Trisha decided to perform a self-examination and discovered something that didn't feel right. She promptly made an appointment for a biopsy, which led to her diagnosis of cancer two weeks later on April 18.

Following her diagnosis, Trisha underwent two operations at Nottingham City Hospital to remove the lump in her breast. She is currently awaiting further information regarding whether she will require chemotherapy.

Trisha expressed her gratitude to Luna, stating that she believes her dog knew something was wrong and acted as her "little lifesaver." Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust confirmed that they have observed dogs drawing attention to potentially cancerous spots through repeated sniffing or nudging in the past. However, they cautioned that this method is not always reliable and advised practicing regular self-examinations and attending screening mammograms.

Trisha emphasized the importance of regular self-checks even without prompts from pets. While she had been performing regular self-examinations and hadn't felt anything unusual during her previous check, Luna's intervention allowed her to detect the cancer earlier than she might have otherwise.

Trisha acknowledged that if it weren't for Luna, she may not have discovered the cancer that day, especially considering she has dense breasts. She believes her story could have turned out very differently if Luna hadn't alerted her to the problem.

In summary, Trisha Allison attributes her early detection of breast cancer to her dog Luna's unusual behavior and insistence on investigating her chest. While relying solely on pets for cancer detection isn't considered a reliable method, Trisha's experience highlights the importance of regular self-examinations and medical screenings.

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