Cat Reunites with Owner 6 Years After Going Missing Amid Calif. Wildfires: 'He Knows He's Home'

Ozzie, a brown tabby cat from Sonoma County, California, has miraculously returned home after being missing for six years. His reunion with his family was made possible by a microchip that was implanted in him. Ozzie had disappeared during a wildfire in 2017 but was recently discovered not far from his original home.

During the Nuns Fire, Ozzie went missing when his owners, Duane and her husband Michael, evacuated a friend's home. They had taken their two dogs and four cats there after having to leave their own house due to the same wildfire. Despite extensive searches and efforts to find him, Ozzie remained elusive for several months.

Unknown to Duane, Ozzie managed to survive the fire and lived independently in the area surrounding his home. Several kind-hearted strangers regularly fed him, allowing him to endure the challenges of the past six years. Eventually, someone who believed Ozzie was too friendly to be a stray brought him to the animal rescue organization Forgotten Felines.

While at Forgotten Felines, Ozzie was scanned for a microchip, and one was found under his skin. The information on the chip led the organization to locate Duane and inform her that Ozzie was alive. Duane initially found it hard to believe the news but went to reunite with Ozzie and confirmed his identity through his purring and familiar behavior.

Now back with his family, Ozzie is readjusting to indoor life. Duane acknowledges that he will need some time to transition but is grateful to have him home once again. The incredible tale of Ozzie's survival through multiple challenges, including another fire, demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of animals and serves as an inspiring story of hope and reunion for pet owners everywhere.

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